Project Ride
Expanding Opportunities for People with Developmental Disabilities
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This project will give individuals with developmental disabilities the tools to be regular users of low cost, flexible public transportation systems, therefore broaden their opportunities for employment and engagement in recreation, the arts, education, and an array of other community activities. The project will increase the number of individuals with developmental disabilities who use public transportation as an alternative to more expensive paratransit systems or staying at home because of transportation barriers.

Providing public transit providers the tools and resources to ensure that accommodating and serving people with a wide range of disabilities is incorporated into their standard employee training protocol. To meet the transportation needs of this specific population.
Providing service providers the skills and knowledge to become professional travel trainers for the consumers that they serve.
Providing individuals with disabilities/families who are learning to travel on public transportation systems required individualized, systematic, and on-going training. This program is designed to teach people with disabilities to travel safely and independently on fixed-route public transportation in their community.